Brandon Marchant


Composer : Songwriter : Producer


I write music for network television, indie film, webcasts and corporate projects. After a five year hiatus, I've recently returned to my first love - crafting deeper, more meaningful songs for people who want to listen.  For now, this site will showcase the latter.

Brandon Marchant

(with enormous inspirational contributions from Dave Rubin, Gad Saad, Bret Weinstein, Douglas Murray and of course Jordan Peterson.  Thank you all for your tireless efforts to help ensure that sanity and reason might yet prevail)

Words Aren't Violence

Written in response to the ridiculous views coming from the radical left that I've witnessed in 2017.  It feels like common sense has well and truly left the building...


The Resonance Years EP

by Brandon Marchant

Available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and most other fine digital retailers.  Or simply listen here for free


Old Material

by Brandon Marchant

Old songs that never quite realized their full potential.  My reach exceeded my grasp in a number of ways (mainly recording and mixing in the technical sense), but I have a fondness for them.



Unfortunately, the term 'starving artist' exists for a reason.  If you like what I'm doing, why not buy me a coffee?  I like coffee.  It's tasty (and it's jet fuel for the human body).  -Brandon