• The Resonance Years [EP]

Brandon Marchant at the Piano

Brandon Marchant is a composer whose music has been used in various North American TV network series, video games, and films. He has experience as a musical director, has been seen on Canadian national television, and holds an award from the Canadian Music Centre for orchestral composition.

He is also a singer, songwriter, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and producer currently residing in the UK.

Born in Canada, he graduated in music from York University in Toronto and built a studio and company dubbed ‘Resonant Frequency’. He has written music in every genre, although when writing for himself it’s mostly in the pop-rock variety. For others it could be anything from classical, urban, jazz, metal, new age, EDM for film or artist release – whatever the situation calls for.

Brandon is equally at home on stage having grown up performing in choral groups, professional choirs, youth orchestras, jazz and big-band ensembles, professional musical theatre productions, and the familiar high-school / university rock band bar and club scene.